The Energy Academy 2020 is an e-learning programme aiming to improve European island communities and administrations’ capacity with the view to assist them start, complete or revise their sustainable energy plan for decreasing their dependency on fossil fuels and reduce their CO2 emissions in a way that brings benefits for the island.

The target group is local stakeholders, which includes citizens, municipal employees and professionals on the island or connected in some way to the island, which are keen to assist the island in the energy planning process.

Each category of the above has its own importance; municipal employees should be able to understand and provide support and advice to decision makers in the development and implementation of a sustainable energy action plan; the engagement and support from local professionals and industry is the backbone of the process; informed and eventually engaged citizens can ensure the success and increase benefits for the local economy.

The training objectives are:

The courses offered are:

Greenhouse gas inventory
Stakeholder involvement
Energy planning Energy and Mobility planning tools
Mobility planning Monitoring

The courses are split into two sections, for:

Attendance is free for the selected applicants.

At the end of the courses those who have successfully completed the circle and succeed in the evaluation, will receive a certificate.

Energy Academy 2020 started in June 2014 and runs until September 2015.


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